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At IberSun, we work hand-in-hand with you during every phase of the renewable energy value chain, making sure you get the first-rate results you deserve.

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We develop utility-scale projects in the Iberian Peninsula

As an international platform for the development of photovoltaic projects, we are focused on the creation of highly profitable projects, offering tailored made solutions for our clients and managing all the necessary activities to get the project to ready-to-build status. Our services are based on the knowledge we have acquired through 20 years of experience. Thanks to the broad experience of IberSun’s founders and management team, at both national and international levels, we are a leader in the development of utility-scale projects in Spain with strong expertise in the sector, having participated in more than 5GW from project origination to COD. As a platform for utility-scale projects, we have consolidated our position in the Iberian energy market, aligning our values as a company with the needs of our clients, shareholders and partners.


We are currently designing a method for developing utility-scale projects that allows us to analyze site viability with maximum efficiency. This method, based on the analysis and validation of public data, has enabled us to pursue the simultaneous development of new utility-scale projects over 8GW. Given the size of these projects and their social impact, we look to integrate them with local agricultural, labour, social and environmental activity to minimize the impact of project implementation. These projects are also located in high solar radiation areas with an optimized CapEx to achieve a very competitive LCOE.

Our business area

Excellence in service

Our company is proud to offer a high quality service in the installation and maintenance of solar panels. Our goal is to help our customers make the most of renewable energy and reduce their environmental impact.

Project development

Analysis, structuration and closing of deals


Opportunity analysis

Using our own methodology, we accompany you throughout the project with the necessary guarantees.

IberSun actively participates in all stages of development, controlling risk and adding value to projects through commercial, technical, legal, administrative and financial management. We obtain the different permits, licenses and authorizations and develop the contracts and agreements necessary to ensure the bankability of the Project, from initiation (greenfield) to financial closing, construction, start-up and maintenance of the asset.


The development team has a proprietary management methodology linked to the network of local collaborators and contacts that work under the guidelines and policies of the IberSun management team, allowing us to develop projects that meet international quality standards while complying with the local requirements and regulations of each country.

We are by your side every step of the way, taking care of technical, commercial, legal and financial aspects.

Advice on the structuring of transactions from the financial point of view (preliminary financial models, financing term sheets, etc.), technical aspects (design, permits, analysis of EPC and O&M contracts, valuation of components, analysis of production, PR and availability, etc.), assistance in defining legal and tax structures to optimize the functioning of projects and their tax burden, support in negotiations and transaction closing documents, and management and coordination of the complete acquisition process to achieve the commercial, financial and legal objectives of the client.

Technical structuring: During the development phase and the financial closure stage (construction and operation), IberSun manages the engineering, selection and adjudication of the builder and operator of the plant, including materials selection. Through our management of these processes, we provide investors with the greatest possible competitiveness and highest quality construction.

Commercial structuring: At IberSun, we are faithful to our business commitments and maintain close relationships with our partners to achieve successful projects in the markets where we work. To ensure that projects are financially sound, we also establish commercial agreements with the different actors present in the value chain, developers, builders, equipment suppliers, final investors, etc.

Financial structuring: Our management methodology focuses on mitigating project risks to make the financing of the asset more efficient, addressing all the necessary issues for bankability and financial closure. We provide support in the design, structuring and negotiation of bank financing (project finance, corporate financing), as well as private financing structures. This service includes the preparation of descriptive documentation of the project; design of financial models; support in negotiations and monitoring and coordination of financial closing; advice in the design, structuring and negotiation of refinancing processes for operational projects.

Legal and administrative structuring: We design the legal structure of the project, including all necessary contracts and agreements, as well as accompanying the due diligence process for project financing.

IberSun is a trusted brand in the renewable energy sector, having participated in numerous acquisition, divestment and project financing operations, playing an active role in the entire process of negotiation, structuring and financing of the projects.

We provide monitoring and continuous analysis of potential investment opportunities in different locations, carrying out a detailed examination of projects in all phases of development, as well as projects in operation.