Through our Compliance Program, IberSun has developed a series of Policies and Codes that formally include the conduct guidelines for IberSun members and the existing prohibitions on matters as important as anti-corruption, commercial sanctions and defense of competition.

Policies and codes

IberSun is committed

To the highest standards of integrity and ethical business conduct.

As part of our commitment on this matter, the Compliance Program that all IberSun employees know is in force.

Our efforts are aimed at the entire company, partners and suppliers, sharing the same ethical corporate culture and the appropriate to their environment, according to the needs and local regulations of such country.


Compliance Program

If you have any questions and or comments regarding our Compliance Program, our Compliance Committee is at your disposal. Also, if you have legitimate suspicions of misconduct, do not hesitate to use our Whistleblower Channel, a safe, confidential and channel contacting us by email at:

The data submitted is regulated under our Privacy Policy..

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