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The policies and codes developed by our Compliance Program set out business conduct guidelines for IberSun members and the existing regulations on issues such as anti-corruption, commercial sanctions and competition.

Committed to you. Every step of the way.

IberSun maintains the highest standards of quality. Our code of ethics and conduct ensures excellence in what we do and how we do it.

Our code of ethics
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Our values

Excellence: We use the highest quality standards in our work and proactively seek continuous improvement.

Commitment: We always do our best because we are proud to be part of IberSun and we work hard to achieve its full potential.

Integrity: We are dedicated to transparency and ethics in all our operations.

Diversity and teamwork: We work together to achieve common goals. Our team benefits from different experiences, perspectives and points of view, and we believe that a mix of talents makes us a stronger and more effective organization.

Innovation: We seek continuous development, allowing us to generate new ideas and offer creative solutions to respond to market needs.

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At IberSun, we encourage teamwork, innovation, excellence and the pursuit of new professional challenges. We share the vision that diverse talents, backgrounds and skills brings us greater knowledge of projects and leadership in the countries in which we operate.

We are in a process of growth and expansion, and for this we rely on our most important asset: people.

We focus on continuous learning that takes into account the interests and expectations of each person and meets the needs of the company.

Our culture

Compliance Program

If you have questions and or comments about our Compliance Program, you may contact our Compliance Committee . Also, if you have legitimate suspicions of misconduct, do not hesitate to use our Whistleblower Channel, a safe, confidential channel that can be accessed by email at:

The information submitted is regulated under our Privacy Policy.

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